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The Nile and its main tributaries flow through a large variety of ecosystems, each of great relevance for biodiversity conservation and human livelihoods, and providing important regional and local ecosystem services. The continued provision of these ecosystem services is heavily dependent on a minimum water flow, or environmental flows.

NBI E-Flow Strategy

NBI has developed a seven-phase Nile Basin Environmental Flows Framework to provide orientation for establishing and managing..
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Manuals and Guidance

This section contains supplementary materials for the Environmental Flow Repository.
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Environmental Flows E-Learning

This course addresses the principle for good e-flows, aspects of e-flows assessment methods, transboundary management principles ..
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E-Flows Database & Study Repository

NBI has collected studies carried out on environmental flow requirements across the Nile Basin and compiled them in a database. It provides users with an overview of data and methodologies available in the region.
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