Nile E-flows Technical Implementation Manual

Authors :  Gordon O’Brien, Chris Dickens, Retha Stassen, Yasir Mahomed, James MacKenzie, Kelly Fouchy Sebastian Bubmann, Georg Petersen, Henry Busulwa, Gedion Asfaw and Melissa Wade.
Theme : Climate Change
Date Of Publication: 2016

Independent Review Of The Environmental Impact Assessment For The Merowe Dam Project (nile River, Sudan)

Authors :  Cristian Teodoru, Alfred Wüest, Bernhard Wehrli
Theme : Climate Change
Date Of Publication: 2006

Coarse Environmental Flow Assessment For Selected Reaches In The Nile Basin

Authors :  Gordon O’Brien, James MacKenzie, Retha Stassen, Georg Petersen, and Melissa Wade
Theme : Ecosystems and biodiversity
Date Of Publication: 2022

Environmental Flows Assessment Methodology For Nile Basin Wetlands

Authors :  Gordon O’Brien, Melissa Wade, Andrew Husted, and Georg Petersen
Theme : Wetlands
Date Of Publication: 2022