NBI Strategy 2017-27

Water security
Goal 1: Water security: water security - meeting rising water demand

We make use of the shared waters of the Nile Basin to meet each other’s demand.

What does that mean? If countries develop as planned, we will need 1.5 Niles by 2050. Together, we will better monitor, manage and develop the Nile, use existing water sources more efficiently and explore new ones. This way, we will have enough water for us all.

Energy security
Goal 2: Energy security- unlocking and optimising hydropower potential

We harness our hydropower potential together to energise our economies.

What does that mean? Demand for energy in the Nile Basin is expected to triple by 2035. Together, we will build the right dams in the right places, connect our power grids and trade the harnessed energy – so that we all benefit from the Nile to light up our cities and energise our economies.

Food security
Goal 3: Food security -increasing agricultural productivity

We invest together for a food secure future.

What does that mean? Most of the Nile water is used to produce food. Growing populations will require even more. Together, we grow more crops with less water, make the most of rainfall and trade food across the basin – so that there is enough food on the table of everyone.

Environment sustainability
Goal 4: Environmental sustainability- protecting and restoring degraded ecosystems

We manage our environment together, for today and tomorrow.

What does that mean? Rivers, lakes and wetlands of the Nile Basin, which provide services on which millions of lives depend, are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Together, we ensure that these ecosystems are protected and receive the water they need.

Climate change adaptation
Goal 5: Climate change adaptation – preparing for climate change impacts

We prepare together for climate change impacts.

What does that mean? Climate change will make flood and drought periods in the basin more frequent and prolonged. We help communities and governments to better prepare for flood and drought events – by improving information flow and the resilience of infrastructure.

Transboundary water governance
Goal 6: Strengthen transboundary water governance – bringing people together to build a common ground for win-win benefits

We bring people together – to build a common ground for win-win benefits.

What does that mean? The Nile connects us all – we depend on it to sustain our lives, economies and environments. NBI provides the only basin-wide platform for countries to deliberate on how to cooperatively plan, manage and develop the Nile to benefit current and future generations.