Each NBI centre has its own governance structure involving a Council of Ministers of Water Affairs and a Technical Advisory Committee. Thus, the NBI structure involves the Nile-COM, which is the decision-making body for the Nile-SEC, the Eastern Nile Council of Ministers (ENCOM), which is the decision-making body for ENTRO and, similarly, the NEL-COM. Each of the Council of Ministers is supported by a Technical Advisory Committee comprised of two to three senior technical officials from the member states. Thus, Nile-TAC and NEL-TAC serve as advisory committees for the Nile-COM and NEL-COM, respectively. The Eastern Nile Subsidiary Action Team (ENSAPT) serves as the advisory committee for EN-COM. At national level, the ministry responsible for water affairs serves as the focal national institution for all NBI affairs.

Nile-COM Members

Hon. Dr. Déo Guide Rurema
Minister of Environment,Agriculture and livestock
H.E. Mme Eve Bazaiba Masudi
DR Congo
Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Environment, and Sustainable Development, Democratic Republic of Congo
Hon. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Ati
Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation
H.E. Dr. Eng. Habtamu Itefa
Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity
Mr. James Macharia, EGH
Ag. Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation
Hon. Dr. Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamaria
Minister of Environment
HON. Josephine Joseph Lagu
South Sudan
Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation
H.E. Eng. Dawalbeit Abdalarahman Mansour
Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources
Hon. Jumaa Hamidu Aweso
Minister of Water and Irrigation
Hon. Sam Cheptoris
Minister of Water and Environment