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The Nile Subsidiary Action Program (ENSAP) has been promoting sub-basin water resources development planning and management, i.e. taking the entire Eastern Nile Basin - from the headwaters in the Ethiopian highlands to the Mediterranean delta in Egypt - as one hydrologic planning unit, in order to capture the entire complex system holistically, and to explore trade-offs and optimization potentials.


Integrated Development of the Eastern Nile: In 2001, the Eastern Nile (EN) countries identified their first joint investment project under ENSAP called the Integrated Development of the Eastern Nile (IDEN), with seven components, under which the Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO) would prepare specific investment projects for national-level implementation by Eastern Nile Basin countries.

IDEN Sub-Projects Acronym
1 Ethiopia-Sudan Transmission Inter-Connection E-STIC
2 Eastern Nile Watershed Management EN-WSM
3 Eastern Nile Power Trade Program Studies EN-PTP
4 Eastern Nile Planning Model EN-PM EN-PM
5 Baro-Akobo-Sobat Multi-sectoral Water Resource Development Study BAS-MWRDS
6 Eastern Nile Flood Preparedness and Early Warning EN-FPEW
7 Eastern Nile Irrigation and Drainage Study EN-IDS

ENTRO successfully delivered these seven sub-projects initiated under the IDEN.

Joint Multi-purpose Program: Based on the successes of the IDEN Projects, ENTRO launched the Joint Multipurpose Program (JMP) in 2006 and undertook Scoping Studies produced a 2008 Report titled “Opportunities for Cooperative Water Resources Development on the Eastern Nile: Risks and Rewards”..  Following this, ENTRO embarked on the Joint Multipurpose Project (JMP-1) Identification Studies which delivered, in 2010, the Strategic Social Environmental and Assessment Report, identifying key issues bearing on water resources development in the Eastern Nile.  

In 2010, however, Egypt and Sudan froze participation in ENTRO, following the conclusion and signing of the new Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) by six upstream countries. Although Sudan re-joined ENTRO in 2012, the same year the newly independent South Sudan also joined, the JMP was not pursued further.

Nile Cooperation for Results: From 2013 onwards, ENTRO has been undertaking  several activities, largely supported by the Nile Cooperation for Results (NCORE) Project, funded by the Nile Basin Trust Fund  (NBTF) and the Cooperation in International Waters in Africa (CIWA) Trust Funds of the World Bank.  The NCORE Project is the first phase of the Nile Basin Climate Resilient Growth Programme and is part of the overall NBI Strategic Plan (2017-2027). The development objective of the NCORE is to facilitate cooperative water resource management and development in the Nile Basin. This is to be achieved by providing targeted technical assistance to NBI member countries and broader stakeholders, to facilitate cooperative activities, improvement of integrated water resources planning and management, and identification and preparation of studies of potential investments of regional significance. NCORE has three components:

  • Component 1: Advancing Nile Basin-Wide Cooperation and Analysis: To support activities at the NBI Secretariat related to its core functions of Facilitating Cooperation and Water Resource Management
  • Component 2: Promotion of Sustainable Development and Planning in the Nile Equatorial Lakes Region: To support the NBI in its efforts to advance investment opportunities in the Nile Equatorial Lakes region
  • Component 3: Promotion of Sustainable Development and Planning in the Eastern Nile Region: To support NBI in promoting cooperative activities, water resource management and sustainable development in the Eastern Nile.

Component 3 for ENTRO under ENSAP supports two sub-programs:

  • Improving understanding of issues specific to the Eastern Nile sub-basin and aims to improve public domain access to the Eastern Nile knowledge base; and
  • Promoting holistic approaches to preparing and operating water investments, by taking into consideration and communicating environmental and social issues.


ENTRO is engaged in 17 activities currently, from three funding sources:

These are listed below.

World Bank (NCORE)

  • Strengthening Knowledge base and analytical framework
  • Eastern Nile Knowledge Base Enhancement
  • Eastern Nile Seasonal Forecasting and Flood Forecasting- Early Warning
  • Eastern Nile Internship/ Young Professional Program
  • Watershed Management Best Practices Assessment for Scaling up
  • Eastern Nile Irrigation Systems performance Assessment
  • Ground Water Availability and Conjunctive Use Assessment
  • Strengthening National Dam Safety Units and Developing Human Resources Capacity
  • Integrating Environment and Social Issues & communication
  • Capacity Building


  • Hydrological Monitoring in EN Region
  • Coordination of Cascade Dams
  • Media and Communication
  • Support to the political process and capacity building for the negotiation teams
  • Support of the political process through Track II and Public Diplomacy Forums
  • Wetland Management - Machar Marshes Wetland Study

Future DAMS Research Consortium

  • Future DAMS 2.0 The Design and Assessment of resilient and sustainable interventions in water-energy-food-environment nexus


ENTRO’s past and current work is presented below, thematically classified into Work Areas and Sub-Areas irrespective of funding sources, to give a comprehensive outline of the range of activities ENTRO is involved in.