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Investment Projects

The Eastern Nile Subsidiary Action Program (ENSAP) has been promoting sub-basin water resources development planning and management, i.e. taking the entire Eastern Nile Basin - from the headwaters in the Ethiopian highlands to the Mediterranean delta in Egypt - as one hydrologic planning unit, in order to capture the entire complex system holistically, and to explore trade-offs and optimization potentials.

Investment Projects

Power interconnection and watershed management projects worth more than USD 100 million (@ 2020 prices) have been implemented by the Eastern Nile countries based on preparatory work done by ENTRO, including the following:

Other Results

ENTRO has implemented several projects that have had a range of impacts, including strengthening of national capabilities in in flood management (preparedness, forecasting and early warning systems) and improved capabilities in water resource planning and modelling, including:

The major impacts of ENTRO activities across various themes and sub-themes have been captured in two key publications:

Future Projects

A rich assortment of background assessment and study reports, and guidelines are have been produced on topics such as flood and drought forecasting and early warning systems, dam safety, coordinated operation of cascades of transboundary dams, climate change and environment, besides investment-ready project profiles for watershed management, and feasibility studies for irrigation and drainage projects and regional power trade (detailed below along with preparation costs, where available):