Internship Opportunities

1. Background

ENTRO has taken the initiative to establish internship program as part of its core activities and successfully implemented in the last 9 years. This program has proven immensely popular in fostering cooperation and allowing ENTRO to expand its professional network. The interns have delivered various water resources related technical knowledge products that support ENTRO projects in many areas, including analytic tools, toolkits, models, data, analyses and reports in flood and drought management; dam safety; irrigated agriculture; watershed management; water modeling, etc. 

2. Objective

The main objective of this work is to develop framework for water allocation in the Eastern Nile Basin that will be used for consultation among various stakeholders.

3. Scope of Work:

The Young Professional Intern will develop framework for water allocation in the Eastern Nile Basin, this include:

  • Review current challenges of water allocation in the Eastern Nile
  • Review best practices from other basins
  • Recommend tools that are required to formulate water allocation and international experience to be adopted for EN
  • Design a conceptual approaches to water allocation with modalities, procedures, options and criteria used
  • Develop a framework for water allocation for Eastern Nile Basin based on the above findings and proposal for Institutional and legal aspects
  • Develop an interactive tool EN-WA to present the deliverables 

4 Deliverables

  • Literature review and Inception phase report
  • Conceptual approach midterm report
  • Eastern Nile basin water allocation framework report

5 Qualification requirements


  • B.Sc or M.Sc in civil engineering, water resources or other related fields.
  • At least 3 years’ experience working in Water Resources management
  • English language proficiency
  • Female candidates are encouraged
  • Citizen of one of the Eastern Nile basin countries

6 Implementation Arrangements

  • Any studies, reports or other material, or otherwise, prepared by the Intern during the internship period shall belong to and remain the property of the ENTRO. The Intern may retain a copy of such documents.
  • ENTRO shall also provide:
    • Adequate support to the interns by facilitating gathering of data, access to relevant information and authorities
    • Providing adequate office space and support facilities (such as internet)
    • Capacity building programs and trainings that will be organized in collaboration with other partners and it will be defined later on,
  • ENTRO shall assign a Project Coordinator who will be responsible for overseeing the work and internship supervisor to whom each intern shall report
  • This assignment start with three months assignment, extending from 30th of March 2020 to 30th of June 2020. The Intern shall be stationed at ENTRO office, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, during the three months
  • The deadline of application is 25th of March 2020
  • A detailed Terms of References (ToR) can be downloaded here

7 Application

Interns must submit their CVs together with the cover letterVia email to the following email addresses, PLEASE make sure to include all the below email addresses: ;

ENTRO will evaluate all applications received and contact the finalist.

If you got questions feel free to contact Eng. Amna Omer; Internship