What We Do


NELSAP-CU within its mandate facilitates jointly agreed transformative in-country projects with regional impact/significance and trans-boundary cooperative investment projects related to the common use of the Nile Basin water resources. It also builds regional capacity of countries and provides a platform for implementation coordination of trans– boundary investment projects.

NELSAP-CU renders support to national initiatives and focuses on two investment areas of: (i) power development and trade; and (ii) natural resources management and development. NELSAP-CU has prepared a number of cooperative in country and regional trans-boundary projects, which are at various levels of preparation and implementation. NELSAP-CU has mobilized finances for pre-investment and investment projects cumulatively totaling to USD 1.050 billion (pre-investment USD 557.107 million and for investment projects USD 493.018 million).


  1. Water Resources Management and Development Sub-program
  2. Power Development and Trade Sub-program

The Water Resources Management and Development sub-program

The Power Trade and Development sub-program

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