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Institutional strengthening Project (ISP) (3) Regional Power Trade (21) Regional Agriculture Trade and Productivity Project (29) Water Resources Planning and Management (38) Socioeconomic Development and Benefit Sharing (17) Efficient Water Use for Agricultural productivity (30) Climate Service for Infrastructure (32) NEL Regional Transmission Interconnection Projects (12) BARO-AKOBO-SOBAT (BAS) Multipurpose Water Resource Development Study Project (BAS-MWRDS) (21) EN Dam safety (5) Eastern Nile Watershed Management Project (ENWM) (52) Confidence Building and stakeholders engagement (13) Climate Change and Environmental Studies (3) Multi-Sector Investment Opportunity Analysis (MSIOA)  (9) Mara River Basin Management (4) Machar Marshs TEEB and Eco-hydrology study (1) Training and Capacity Building (1) Kagera River Basin Management (23) Lakes Edward & Albert Fisheries & Water Resources Project LEAF II(DRC/Uganda) (2) Eastern Nile Power Trade Project (ENPT) (32) Eastern Nile Irrigation and Drainage Studies (ENIDS) (37) Joint Multipurpose Project (JMP) (15) Ethio-Sudan Interconnection (3) Applied Training (38) Nile Transboundary Environment Action (150) Nile Cooperation for Result (NCORE) (157) Sio-Malaba-Malakisi River Basin Management (4) Biodiversity conservation and utilization of ecosystems in the Nile Basin Wetlands (10) EN Flood Preparedness and Early Warning - Phase 1 (20) Support to Transboundary Cooperation in the Nile Basin (12)