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Environmental Flows

The Nile and its main tributaries flow through a large variety of ecosystems, each of great relevance for biodiversity conservation und human livelihoods, and providing important regional and local ecosystem services. The continued provision of these ecosystem services is heavily dependent on a minimum water flow, or environmental flows.

The NBI supports its member states in sustaining and enhancing Environmental Flows (or E-Flows) in the Nile Basin in a cooperative manner. Environmental Flows describe the quantity, quality and timing of water flows required to sustain freshwater and related ecosystems, as well as the human livelihoods and wellbeing that depend on these ecosystems. Environmental Flows are important for the maintenance of biodiversity and ecosystem services provided by the river, including provisioning (e.g. water as a basic human right, livelihood through fisheries), regulating (e.g. water quality and quantity), cultural and supporting services. To maintain these services, water needs to be allocated to sustain the functioning of the river ecosystem and avoid flow alterations where negative effects are foreseen.

Infrastructure Dashboard

This dashboard allows the filtering and visualization NBI investment projects data by sectors, latest stages, sub sectors, countries, regions, type, status and reference plan. To narrow the list of selected projects, click on charts. Projects can also be selected from the list at the bottom by clicking on the project rows and then clicking the filter link in the Projects tab. Use the download link above each chart and project list tab to export the charts and the list of selected projects.

NBI Climate Change Strategy

The NBI Climate Change Strategy establishes a strategic implemenation framework for the integration of cliamte change aspects in basin management with the overall goal of strengthening  basin-wide resilience to climate change and ensure climate compatible water resource management and development



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                                                                   The 6th Nile Basin Development Forum and the River Nile State of Basin Report 2020, was launched on 22nd February 2021, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
                                                                            Theme: Rethinking Regional Investments in the Nile Basin : Water | Energy | Food | Environment | Climate Change