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Basin Information Exchange


          The Nile Basin Data and Information Sharing and Exchange Interim Procedures establish jointly agreed principles for the sharing between NBI Member States of data and                          information required for the successfu implementation of NBI programmes and projects.



            The NBI Gender Mainstreaming Policy provides a policy framework for NBI and other stakeholders on mainstreaming gender into policies, programs, actions and investments

Disclosure of Information about Investment Projects

            The NBI Interim Procedure for the Disclosure of Information about Investment Projects establishes the rules and procedures for the formal disclosure of information about NBI              Investment Projects at specific stages     of the project cycle in order to promote cooperation and trust between NBI Member Countries. 


Public Participation and Consultation

Social Management and Resettlement

General Environmental and Social Management


           The NBI Environmental and Social Policy establishes principles, objectives, and implementation frameworks for environmental and social measures in the implementation of NBI              programmes and projects

NBI Programmatic Strategy

Foundational Documents and Legal Status

NCCR High Level Report

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NCCR Result Reporting

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