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The ENTRO Document Repository is a database searchable by document title, key words, year of publication, project and theme, and contains the following types of documents:

Data & Information


ENTRO databases on the Eastern Nile Basin, comprising both raw and processed data, are available here.


Spatial databases on issues concerning the Eastern Nile Basin, including those from Spatial Agent as well as those created by projects, studies, and Internship assignments at ENTRO are available here.

Contact Us

General queries may be emailed to IKPCoordinator@nilebasin.org

Specific queries may be emailed to the responsible Unit Head at ENTRO (see list below):

Our Projects

The Nile Subsidiary Action Program (ENSAP) has been promoting sub-basin water resources development planning and management, i.e. taking the entire Eastern Nile Basin - from the headwaters in the Ethiopian highlands to the Mediterranean delta in Egypt - as one hydrologic planning unit, in order to capture the entire complex system holistically, and to explore trade-offs and optimization potentials.


The Eastern Nile Council of Ministers (ENCOM), comprising of Ministers in charge of Water Affairs of the Member States, is the highest policy and decision-making body for ENSAP. ENCOM makes all policy and political decisions, provides guidance and approves annual work plans and budgets, strategic plans, and reports, ensures smooth implementation of ENTRO’s activities, and Member Countries Contribution are current.

Annual Plan

Results Framework