Wetlands and Ramsar Sites in the Nile Basin

Wetlands are valuable ecosystems that play an important role in maintaining environmental quality, sustaining livelihoods and supporting biodiversity. The wide range of animal and plant species wetlands support provide ecosystem that services in the form of fisheries, fuel-wood, timber, medicines, and the local and global biodiversity, providing high ecological, cultural and economic value through recreation and tourism. Wetlands also exert significant influence on the hydrological cycle, altering flood flows, maintaining low flows and groundwater recharge.

The Nile River basin is rich with variety of natural resources (lakes, wetlands, highlands, ecosystem, biodiversity, etc.). In the basin a large population depends on the biodiversity and flood plains for their livelihoods.

Most of the individual wetlands link to other wetlands through a complex network of permanent and seasonal streams, rivers. and lakes, making them an essential Part of the entire drainage system of the country

Wetlands that are registered by Ramsar as wetlands of international importance in the Nile Basin are shown in the map.

with in the Nile Basin region

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